Firestorm Armada & Planetfall Showcase

A little birdie told me that pictures were the key to a successful blog… On this page I plan to showcase my Firestorm Armada and Planetfall forces, gradually expanding and adding to it as time goes on.

I am a little short on FSA pictures at the moment, so lets start with Planetfall! In no particular order;


A selection of my Directorate armored units; A ‘Desolator’ Heavy Tank, ‘Retaliator’ Medium Tank, an ‘Intruder’ APC, and hovering at the back is the sinister form of a ‘Shade’ Ground Attack Heavy Gunship. The ‘Shade’ in particular is brutal; cloaked and run in pairs, these beasts have won me a good few games!


The chaps in black are ‘Patriot’ Infantry, drug crazed, cybernetically enhanced mercenaries on the payroll of assorted Directorate companies. Brutal in assault, these guys tend to melt away when faced with concentrated fire, or when on the defensive. The fellows in red are Dindrenzi ‘Nyx’, elite special forces troopers, deployed via drop pod. They are perfect for seizing objectives and can really ruin your opponents day when played right (which is rather rare in my case)! Both lots are a joy to paint and really detailed for 10mm troops! 


The aforementioned ‘Nyx’ Drop Pods – enough said really! 


More infantry – the heavy weapons are from the Dindrenzi upgrade pack, as is the chap with the rocket launcher towards the front (he represents a sweeper team). Sweeper teams are a nice upgrade, allowing you to boost the CQB potential of your Infantry units; from a modeling perspective, I like to mix them in with standard bases.


A Directorate officer in the center with a ‘Patriot’ ‘Peacemaker’ missile team just behind. The ‘Peacemaker’ is the Directorates go-to AA system, pretty handy with all the aircraft that have been frequenting gaming tables since the release of the Ground Attack Helix. 


A small selection of my Dindrenzi armored units; A ‘Kratos’ Heavy Skimmer, two ‘Eris’ Medium Skimmers and a ‘Circe’ Specialist Skimmer. 

Anyway, the above is just a small selection of what I have – more to follow shortly!


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