The Start Of A Good Thing?

All hope abandon, ye who enter here”, wrote Dante Alighieri as part of his epic  14th Century ‘Divine Comedy’. In a desperate effort to prevent you all from doing the same, I will endeavor to keep this brief.

I am cm284, a resin crack addict in my late 20’s. Due to my location and work commitments, I do not have many outlets for any hobby related creativity that may strike me, and as such, this blog aims to provide a suitable venting space.

In conjunction with my co-author and occasional partner in crime hojjit, the plan is to create a platform for the following;

  1. A number of narrative campaigns that we have in the offing, including battle reports.
  2. Hobby related posts (tactics, painting, terrain making, miniature and scenery reviews etc).
  3. A showcase of our respective miniature collections (mostly mine, as I have rapidly come to the conclusion that hojjit is allergic to paint).
  4. A place to discus and review rule sets, as well as to bandy about ideas etc.
  5. A place to give my perspective on areas and issues that are affecting the wargaming hobby, be it company attitudes or business practice, through to negative experiences with player-bases etc.

The chief games systems that we plan to cover are;

  1. Firestorm Armada and Planetfall by Spartan Games (see my showcase here). Part one of our narrative campaign can be found in my next post.
  2. Chain of Command by Too Fat Lardies (WWII, 15mm).
  3. Inquisitor (click here to download a PDF copy of the narrative campaign introduction that I wrote to set the scene).
  4. The Kingdoms of Ushan (a hex based, map driven 15mm campaign system and house ruleset that is a bastardized cross between Mighty Empires, Oldhammer and goodness knows what – all lovingly spliced together by my good self). Currently this is very much a work in progress…

Any suggestions for content from my readers would be welcome and feedback is appreciated – I cannot post what you want to read if you do not tell me!

Anyhow, hopefully something in the above has piqued your interest, and that the glazed look in your eyes is unrelated (if so, you should probably get that checked).

To wrap up my first post, I will leave you with a quote by Winston Churchill. “This is not the end, it’s not even the beginning of the end. But it is, perhaps, the end of the beginning.”

Signing off,